Welcome everyone to CTG Open Season 12!!
Thanks for choosing to join CTG Open this summer.
CTG Open is a rebanding of BBB League
    Code of conduct   League format:  
  1 Tennis is a professional sport even when it is played in a recreational manner. Highest respect and regard should be displayed at any time in the court and off the court. 1 There will be 10 teams with 13 players in each team. There will be 2 Divisions - Division A and Division B, with 5 teams in each Division.
There will be 6 League Matches, 2 Super 6, Semifinal and Final
Refer to the Teams & Line Information section for the Teams/Captains/team members break down.
  2 Spectators are welcome during all the games, but please display game sense when the game is in play. Good sportsmanship and conduct are expected by the players and spectators. Coaching between the points are allowed but maintain silence while the game is in action. 2 Each team will play against 4 teams in the same division and 2 game against a team in the other division. During the league phase, teams have to play 5 lines. See Match schedule will be published  
  3 Team pairing is decided by individual Captains for their respective teams based on players strength and league rules. Always support your captains, your partners and opponent team mates. 3 Each player will play a minimum of 4 and maximum of 5 matches during the league division.  
  4 Taking a picture of Playing 4 and sharing it in the Whatsapp group is appreciated. 4 Line formation rules remains same for all different stages of this Competition  
    Match rules:  
  1 Match week starts on Fridays and ends on Thursdays. Matches should be played as per the match schedule. Matches not completed as per the schedule, will be considered as forfeit by both teams and given Zero points for the lines not played.  
  2 Captains have to publish the lineups for the week as per their Schedule. The lineup is due on Sunday by 6 PM for the upcoming week.  
  3 Each week 10 player from each team has to participate( Resting 3 Players). Group 1 will have 2 players. Both Group 1 players cannot play line 2 together and Both Group 1 players cannot be rested the same week  
  4 Home Team Captain to initiate the discussion & court bookings with the visiting team captain once the lineups are shared. We encourage to have the schedule finalized for all the lineups by Wednesday and update in the Match tracker sheet  
  5 Home Captain to submit the scores to the CTG EC team before end of the week.  
  6 Team Players should work with Team Captains to resolve any conflicts.  
  7 There is no provision for replacement of players  
  8 ECs will consider genuine request from captains for any player replacement request or adjustment of group for a player (besides the allowed swap rule) before the start of the tournament. However, this can be done only if the player himself and other team captains consent to it. There is strictly no provision for player replacement or group adjustment once the tournament begins on Jan 8th 2024  
  9 A twenty-minute default rule will be in effect for all games. If one of the team is not available after 20 mins from the mutually agreed start time, the team that was late will be considered forfeiting that game and the other team will get the points  
  10 At set ends, there shall be a set break of a maximum of 5 minutes  
  11 Injury Timeout: No extra time is given to allow a player to recover condition; however, for any treatable medical condition, one 10-minute treatment timeout is allowed  
  12 Player lineups should follow the lineup rules, refer to the line up rules section  
  13 All matches are best 2 of 3 sets, A set is completed when one pair wins 6 games by a margin of 2 games. If the set score reaches 6-6, a 7-point tiebreaker is played to determine the winner of that set.  
  14 Play a complete 3rd set (preferred), if all 4 players agree. 12-point tiebreaker is the default if there is no agreement  
  15 Teams earn points as listed in the table below  
  16 Match Out Come Points won    
    Winner of Match 14  
    Losing team with 1 Winning Set 10  
    Losing team with 0 Winning Set Max 8 (No of points won in the 2 set that was lost), Min 2 (For showing up)  
    Fofeited Matches or matches not completed as per schedule 0  
  15 Group and Line Up Rules      
    Group 1   Line 1, 2  
    Group 2   Line 1, 2, 3  
    Group 3   Line 2, 3, 4  
    Group 4   Line 3, 4, 5  
    Group 5   Line 4, 5  
    Play Off Qualification rules   Super 6 / Play Off rules  
  1 6 teams - top 3 from each division, will move from the Super 6 phase and then to Semi Final and then Final 1 In the playoffs, there will be semi finals and finals.  
  2 Total number of points earned at the end of the league Stage will determine the teams eligible for Super 6.
And the total no of Points in Super 6 will determine the Team eligible for Semi Final
2 Playoffs will consist of 5 lines (same as league phase). Player lineup rules are the same (review table above). However, there is no minimum matches played requiremenet during Super 6 / knockout phase .  
  3 In case where the total number of points earned by teams are tied up within the division, then below will be followed until these is an outcome between the tied teams
a) The team that Scored higher # of points
b) The team winning more number of Sets
c) Team Winning More number of Matches
d) Play a decider set
3 During Super 6 if there is a tie (Same wins for each team), the following will be looked into to break the tie.
a) The team that Scored higher # of points
b) The team winning more number of Sets
c) Team Winning More number of Matches
d) Team havine more point in the Leage stage move forward
      4 For the Semi Final and Finals, all 5 Lines have to be completed within the dates decided. The Team winning 3 lines is declared winner  
    Playoff Teams Pairing  
    Super 6   Semi Finals Matchup  
  S1 First team From Group A Vs Second team From Group B SF1 1st Team of Super 6 Vs 4th team of Super 6  
  S2 First team From Group A Vs Third team From Group B SF2 2nd Team of Super 6 Vs 3rd team of Super 6  
  S3 Second team From Group A Vs Third team From Group B      
  S4 Second team From Group A Vs First team From Group B      
  S5 Third team From Group A Vs First team From Group B   Finals Matchup  
  S6 Third team From Group A Vs Second team From Group B F Winner of SF1 vs SF2  
  ALTA Rules will be followed in case where the rule is not published clearly here. Alta 45+ rule is followed first then followed by Alta regular rules.